Friday, February 27, 2009

Squam, here I come

I have THE best hubby in the world.  I waited and hemmed and hawed, and almost talked myself out of asking to do this amazingly dreamy thing in the Fall.  I asked.  He said yes.  I'm going.  It was part of #38 on my list.   It will be a catalyst to many other things on my list.

Maybe you want to go too?

I honestly feel like I am about to make a quantum leap in my life.  Scary.  Wonderful.


Greg said...

HOW AWESOME!!!!!! I am so totally jealous over here!

Elizabeth said...

so so so cool!

you're making it happen-- wowza!

it's a beautiful thing--

Bisous, Elizabeth

beth said...

I went last year to squam and it was the best thing EVER !!

the memories from there will last forever in my heart !!!

Sara Moriarty-delaFuente said...

yay... squam sounds amazing. what a great hubby. i reached your blog via hula seventy. will visit more.