Monday, March 9, 2009

Favorite Things, Part II

I love reading.  
I love books.  
I love learning new things.  
I love my husband.  
I love kid 1, kid 2, kid 3, and kid 4.  
I love staying up late. 
 I love sleeping in.  
I love time to myself.  
I love time alone with my husband. 
 I love time alone with each kid. 
 I love family outings.
I love massages. 
I love libraries. 
I love getting new books.  
I love getting packages in the mail.  
I love my computer. 
I love email. 
I love facebook. 
I love all my friends past and present, new and old. 
I love my first family.  
I love writing. 
I love my new camera.  
I love my new camera bag. 
I love my new notebook. 
I love ideas.  
I love feeling inspired.  
I love my memories.  
I love listening to just the right song at just the right moment.  
I love going somewhere I have never been.  
I love long hugs.  
I love long kisses. 
I love being surprised by the first scents of Spring. 
I love surprise snow storms.  
I love Kansas.  Lawrence, in particular.
I love traveling.
I love the colors pink and purple, all shades.
I love God.  (ok that should have come up sooner...just keeping it real, not editing that)
I love hot, summer nights.  (I miss Kansas for that one)
I love the smell of Fall.
I love fireplaces and campfires.
I love the smell of books.
I love the smell of crayons and school.(I think that actually IS the smell of school)
I love the opportunity to reinvent myself at age 37.
I love the TV show Lost.
I love looking forward to the future.
I love bubble baths.
I love hot tubs.
I love snuggling up with the hubby or any of my kids, or all of them at the same time.
I love my bed, especially with flannel sheets in the winter.
I love making this list, because even these things are all mostly very fluffy, material things, it makes me realize how very truly blessed I am.  I could probably add to this all night.  But for now, I will bask in the loveliness of broad horizons, children sleeping, soft music playing and a moment all to myself.


TitansFan said...

It is great to see such positive feelings! Times like these seem to inspire the thoughts of gratitude for the things we have in life. I feel inspired by the way people can love. I really love my new Hot Tub. It has given me a way to connect with my son. Busy boy that he is with his friends. He doesn't mind sittin in the tub with the old man. In the close proximity he doesn't mind sharing his day with me. I get some of the more personal things out of him. 12 is a hard age to be. These days are a lot different. I can deal with technology now but when I was a kid, No way could I handle all that knowledge. Love your post, Thanks!

Anna said...

I love reading your blog! Is your little guy registered for Kindergarten?

andrea said...

absolutely fantastic list. absolutely. can't wait to meet you at squam!