Tuesday, May 13, 2008

I need a plan...

Browsing around tonight, I found the coolest thing. I found out about the Independence Days Challenge through another great blog I just found, The Zahn Zone . It gives a plan to move forward in food independence. I SO need a plan! Yes, please, give me babysteps! It basically gives you 10 areas to work on, supposedly everyday, but realistically for me, just to be working on in general. So, each day, you can ask yourself What have I...
6)Managed in reserves?
8)Worked on local food systems?
9)Reduced waste?
10)what new skill have I learned?

I love these steps! Just little babysteps here and there will move me forward! Tomorrow I'll start thinking about this. And hey, tomorrow night I'm going to a workshop on home canning and preserving! Tomorrow, #10 is in the bag!

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LisaZ said...

Hi! Thanks for commenting on my blog. I'm glad you found me and the Independence Days challenge. And btw, how did you find me? Funny how this blog world works!

And as for the everyday part, that's optional. You can do one thing out of the ten every day, or once a week, or whatever is realistic. Many days I'll do a few things in one day but then nothing on other days. Like you said, just so we're all working on these things!

Good luck in your challenge. And even though she's depressing some days, I encourage you to read Sharon Astyk's blog at www.sharonastyk.com. She's the one who started this challenge, and she's so incredibly knowledgable.

And thanks for "favorite-ing" me! I'll check back in on you, too.